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Florida Outdoor Tours

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Beaches, with clear waters offshore to the waving saw grass plains of its swampy interior, 
Florida has so much to explore and Florida tours like these will take you there. 

Relax in the idal year-round weather, and add a fun side to your next Florida tour.
These adventures are easy day trips from various cities , yet still off the main thoroughfairs.
This is the REAL Florida.!

Florida Tours through the River of Grass-The Everglades
You can walk beyond the visitor center at the one entrance entrance to
Everglades National Park, 38 miles west of downtown Miami. A guided ride
 travels the 15-mile paved loop that winds through the park's interior, but
hitting the trail with a bicycle from the gateway kiosk allows for quiet contemplation
of this natural environs the Seminoles called Kaa-ha-yat-le, where gators languish
in the saw grass and wood storks, ibis and great white herons probe the brackish
water for fish. A tall observation tower at the halfway mark provides excellent
views up to20 miles across the subtropical area which, the largest in the
continental America. Truly one of the states best Florida tours.

Go swimming with Sea Cows.From November through April, up to 400 
threatened West Indian manatees congregate 7w miles northwest of St.
Petersburg at Crystal River, where a meeting of spring waters provide
a constant 75-degree comfort zone.

For these Florida tours you should book 3 months  before the high season 
to join early-morning toursto swim with these friendly water mammals, 
that grow to nearly 9 feet in length and weigh nearly  1,305 lbs.  Early mariners,
believe it or not thougth they were mermaits. These Florida tours are offered
year-round, but the population  of these sea cows drops to 35-40 in summer
and you cant promise you will see them.

Drive 29 minutes south to learn more about these animals
at the Wildlife Park, at Homossassa and enjoy amazing 
observatory beneath the water, rehab center, and regular ranger walks.

Paddle Among Wild Reptiles
The state of Florida has  "Wild and Scenic Rivers" and one winds through
Myakka State Park, a few miles east of  Bradenton. Paddle one of the most
amazing Florida tours on a  seventine-mile are that stays within the Myakka park
area . The wild wetland along this area provides nurturing ground for annihingas, 
hawks, ospreys and many alligators. The park is also a wonderland of family
activities, from camping and boat  tours, hiking, or just relaxing midst the surroundings.
Enjoy incredible view on these subtropics, follow the nature trail to the park's canopy
walkway and tall tower.

Riding a stalllion on Amelia Island, thirty mile NE of Jacksonville, is America's
only state park with horseback riding  right on the beach. On the wide
expanse of the state park, at the isle's southern point a ranch offers these rides
5 times a day on a pristine trail through woods and along the shore for
one of the best Floida tours you will ever enjoy.. The time never exceeds
a trot, but views of  pristinemarshes, the ocan and the occasional 
 views of bald eagles make for exciting Florida tours.

Then make your trip complete by overnighting into the  Williams House,
a 12-room B&B housed in an 1855 mansion in downtown Fernandina Beach.

Go beneath the waves on Underwater reefs that Miami folks have trouble 
spotting Biscayne National Park on a map. The hiden locale in Homestead
(an hour's drive south of downtown Miami) and the strict limits on boat traffic
yield the healthiest coral reefs in South Florida, home to midnight , angel fish,
schools of sergeant major and large barracuda. A single snorkeling boat
visits the reefs Tuesday -Sunday; scuba tours go on Saturday and Sunday at
times seeing dolphins jumping for one of the best Florida tours imaginable.

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Florida Small Towns Florida Restaurants can be found at FloridaSecrets.com

We probe the state for unusual and lesser known Florida Tours. You will
find air , water  land tours and more sprinkled throughout Florida. Each
tour offers something unique and special, not one of  your average Florida tours.
Any adventure tours, such as ghost walks , fishing charters, Florida Kayak tours
, or canoe trips will add fun and excitement to your next Florida vacation. If you
are going to visit Key West, Sarasota, Naples FL, Ft. Myers, Ft. Lauderdale,
Miami, Jacksonville, Siesta Key, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Cape Coral,
Tallahassee, Tampa, Gainesville, or any part of Florida, visit our site first.
There are a myriad of fabulous Florida tours just waiting for you.

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