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We have been finding water tours in Florida since we first traveled from Sarasota to the Gainesville area in our quest for Florida Secrets. On that trip we discovered the horse country, beautiful springs and the historic home of a Pultizer prize winer., not to mention the Ocala National Forest. We also discoverd a boat tour down the " most beautiful wateway in the world near Mount Dora, a beautiful waterway filled with wildlife among high cypress trees.

You can discover many to enjoy. Use this way to find the very best ones that are out there by qualified people and naturalists  who have been plying these backwaters for years and also have an excellent safety record. For example you can take  Florida water tours down the legendary Suwannee River witha place in a small city. They will drop you off upriver and even outfit you for a camping trip with primitive campsites  along the shore. With Captain Patsy of Brademtpm cruise the calm, azure back bays to  view manatees, dolphins and a spectrum of marine wildlife with Captain Patsy e .Select the type and length of Florida boating tours you prefer. With an eco tour you could witness manatees grazing near the vessel or live crabs, conchs and other sea life retrieved by CaptainPatsy.  You can even view small live bats living under a bridge. Bottlenose dolphins are seen on nearly all trips.pring-fed waters of Crystal River provide year round habitat for Florida's friendly vegetarian mammal, the manatee. Interactive dving tours are conducted daily by the folks at Manatee  dive.The staff has developed an abiliy for spottig sea cows swimming in the spring.

Crystal River  Florida water tours normally last up to 2 1/2 2 1/2 hours and manatee encounters are common. Snorkel equipment an be rented.Cruise the scenic St. Johns River to view a  "world of  nature" aboard a custom-built vessel. The two-hour tour will take you to a logging canal and into the splendor of the Hidden backwaters.  The guide provides an interactive narration dealing with natural and historic insights. These water tours are absolutely fabulous!

These Florida water tours go through various types of saltwater and freshwater environments. From mangrove channels that enclose the trail forming tunnels filled with small fish, crabs, and nesting birds, to one of the few remaining natural barrier keys along Florida's Gulf Coast, you will be captivated. Experience white, sandy shores and rivers that meander through various natural environments where the scenic views and wildlife make every turn a discovery beneath cypress, oak, and hardwood hammocks. These Florida boat tours traverse habitats for animals we may spot. This is a piece of pristine, natural Florida. Parks include: Fort Desoto, Caladesi Island, Honeymoon Island, Weedon Island, Hillsborough River, Alafia River, and Little Manatee River. All of these are unique offer unique Florida boat tours to each.

Florida water tours must meet our three requirements. They offer a waterway or experience that is unique. They are friendly and personable and they meet all coast guard requirements. One of the other Florida water tours we include is the extra fun land and air. Your 110 minute tour begins on land then travels picturesque inland waterways of Nokomis and  Casey Key. Often dolphins swim along side and an occasional shark is sighted. You'll see ospreys, other wildlife, and beautiful waterfront sights. Don't Hesitate! Get out there for aFlorida boat tours and some fun You will get educated about the natural environs or just relax with a drink or have some snacks. One you take a cruise you will forever be looking for more and more and this is your best resource for Florida water tours. If you know of one that we have not located that has a good reputation that you enjoyed please send us an email. There is a contact us button at the top left of this page.Please let us know if you know about Florida water tours that we have missed. Email us.

This is absolutely your best guide to find those hidden Florida water tours that await in the  creeks,backwaters, bays, creeks and mangrove shorelines. Get out there and find these Floridawater  tours while exploringall that this state has to offer with Florida boat tours on the water with pros who narrate while they navigate.

It's up to you to make the most of what Florida has to offer and places like the Dora Canal will surely enrich your feeling and favorablility of all the state has to offer. Sometimes you just have to make yourself do it! Find Florida water tours and  other experiences that we have discovered over decades of criss crossing the state.


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